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The least consequential news from around the world from the least informed minds in Australia. Andrew, Theo, Lucy and Ben bring you the week's stories that conveniently fit into one of their countless, concerningly specific segments.

Keep up with the latest news from Nature Corner, Paging Dr. Lucy, Planely Speaking, Omens and Portents, The Hole Report and many, many more.

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A nice photo of Andrew


Andrew invented the concept of a podcast. He now earns many royalties from all other podcasts. Husband, father, working stiff. Can be frequently found using the internet to reduce his cognitive function.
A nice photo of Lucy


Lucy suffers from IBS and a massively oversized brain causing her to be a genious. She also writes comedy that is always high brow and intellectually reflects an understanding of politic’s.
A nice photo of Ben


Ben is a full-time podcaster, a thing he has never and will never say aloud. He hosts film events under the name Two Bit Movie Club at various venues around Brisbane and has dozens of books about Bigfoot.
A photo of Theo where he's hiding his face behind a beer


Theo once scored 105 on a Facebook IQ test. He does not know or do anything of use or note. He is the 2nd most married member of the podcast, and is such a Charlotte. INTP.

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